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Our Work

Funding Education and  Training


ROB gives grants to people working on Kilimanjaro to attend a variety of training and occupational educational programmes . Our annual awards fund courses that we know will help our awardees progress their careers, improve their lives and raise the levels of expertise and safety on the mountain.

Learn more about some of our awardees

Providing Mountain Clothing


ROB also helps porters and guides by making sure they are properly equipped to do their job on the mountain by ensuring they have access to the right technical outdoor clothes.  It is virtually impossible to buy these in Tanzania, and what is available is well beyond a porter’s budget.


We organise collections of kit from our corporate partners and individuals which we then transport to our local Partners in Tanzania: the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project  (KPAP) and African Walking Company who make it available to porters and guides when they working on the mountain.


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Of course to be able to make our Grants and continue our work to improve the lives of porters guides and support staff working on Kilimanjaro we need to raise the necessary funds. Each year we set ourselves a fundraising target which we work towards achieving through


  • A series of organised events (link to forthcoming events )

  • Collections

  • Individual donations

  • Corporate sponsorship

By operating as an all volunteer organisation and also with thanks to the contributions of our corporate partners we are able to minimise our operating costs and pledge to our donors that 100% of their donation goes directly to funding our education and training awards.


“Climbing Kilimanjaro in 2013 was a humbling experience for me. I was so touched by the plight of the porters and guides working hard on the mountain that I wanted to find a way to help them. Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters since then, we have been able to give educational awards each year that have helped many porters and guides improve their career opportunities and their lives.”

Yvonne Robertson

Founder of the Robertson Outdoor Bursary

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