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ROB Announce Guide Scholarship Awardees 2019

We are happy to report that the selection process for our 2019 guide training scholarships is now complete. After receiving over 40 applications we are delighted to announce that we will be supporting the following 8 people in 2019 to complete their guide training at the African College of Wildlife Management.

Females: 1. Ruth Embedodo 2. Angela Desdery 3. Elineka A. Mwanga 4. Naomi Ismail Pallangyo

Males: 1. Grayson S. Mchopa 2. Rumisho J. Mshambala 3. Fredy M. Lupala 4. Cornelio Stephen Bayo

Angela Desdery wrote :

'Robertson Outdoors Bursary Scholarship comes to me as a lifetime opportunity that will enable me as an individual to live a dream, improve the quality of living standard for my family and the community around.'

Many thanks to Fidel Kimario from the College of African Wildlife Management and Paulo Habari & Justin Thomas from the African Walking Company for all their hard work conducting the selection process.

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1 Comment

Aug 09, 2019

Congratulations to all that get a chance. Let us waiting for next opportunity

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