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Annual Reporting

Our Story in 2018




In our fifth year of operations R.O.B. continued to fundraise, grow partnerships, and increase the number of people we are supporting to obtain educational qualifications in Tanzania.


The focus of this year’s activity has been marked by the building of two significant new partnerships. These have enabled us to establish a guide training scholarship programme with the African College of Wildlife Management and introduce a clothing recycling project with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project in Tanzania and the Lake District National Park in the United Kingdom.


We were also delighted to raise sufficient funds to continue to sponsor education for new awardees. The successful delivery of the second year of our ‘Becoming Even Better’ programme to 22 employees from the African Walking Company was a significant achievement,


Fundraising to support our educational bursaries remains our key focus. Since the inception of our foundation we have now helped almost 100 people working in the outdoor industry in Tanzania gain qualifications that will help them improve their careers, and through this the lives of themselves, and their families.


Our journey continues and we are ever grateful to our donors, partners and volunteers and awardees for helping us to continue to learn and grow and to obtain the maximum benefit from every penny people donate to us.


We thank all who are walking this journey with us.


Yvonne Robertson  

Chair and founder of Robertson Outdoor Bursary                




2018  has been an exceptional year for us marked by three  major events:


  1. Our return to Tanzania to deliver the second year of our mountain crew development programme, ‘Becoming Even Better’

  2. The establishment of guide training scholarship programme with the African College of wildlife Management and African Walking Company

  3. The introduction of a clothing recycling project between the Lake District National Park in the United Kingdom and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) in Tanzania



2.1 Key Milestones


This period of operation was marked by the following key milestones:



  • March:          Namaste Fundraising event

  • April:            French version and redesign of leaflet

  • May:              KPAP kit mules go live
                          Kendal mountain festival partnership agreed
                          Amazon smile registration

  • June:            First kit sent out

                          Grant applications sent out

  • November:   Kendal Mountain Festival

  • December:   Fundraising event with tombola at the ‘Namaste’ après bar, Argentière.


2.2 Kit Collections.

We were able to distribute a further kit collection to porters and guides in October. This also included a donation of female hygiene products for our lady porters, and guides from ‘The Olde Pharmacy’ in London, and some sun cream and lip protection from ‘Boots the Chemist’.


2.3 Fund Raising

This year we have held three main fundraising events:


The highlight was the climb of Kilimanjaro in October. The 12 ‘Red Hot Kili Steppers’ were supported by a team of guides, and porters drawn from our previous and current awardees. Despite challenging weather conditions, the whole group successfully summited in November. Their fundraising efforts raised a fantastic team total of over £6000.


We also continue to receive regular income from the ‘Friends of R.O.B.’ though increasing their numbers remains a key priority for 2018.




2017 Awards

3.1 Wilderness First Response Course

In light of the continued success, and usefulness of the Wilderness First Response Course, we agreed to sponsor 2 new awardees to complete this programme of our previous awardees to recertify their qualification (this is a two-year requirement).


3.2 Becoming Even Better’

On 27 October, we welcomed a group of 22 porters, assistants and guides to the ‘Becoming Even Better’ programme designed and ran by R.O.B. This programme, ran for the second time was aimed to advance guiding skills, and knowledge needed when supporting clients attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.




We have continued to maintain and build on our relationships established with our corporate partners:


  • 8th Day Adventure (UK)

  • Namaste Sport (Argentière France)

  • You Inspire (UK)

  • Colorado Mountain Club, United States of America

  • Alex Lamunge (Tanzania)


This year we were delighted to welcome the following new partners:


  • UCPA Argentière (France)

  • Ulrika Asp UGIAM high mountain guide

  • The Olde Pharmacy, Battersea, London 

  • Genis Zapater-Baruges (aspirant guide and mountain athlete)




The key lessons learned for us this year were better understanding of the training needs of porters and guides, and how to help them to have successful careers. The addition of JT to the team for 2018 will help us to continue to target our awards where they are most needed, and to understand where best we can be of help, and spend the money that our donors have so generously given where it will impact the most.


We will continue our focus on supporting women and giving them opportunities to develop their skills and careers.


Thanks to our fundraising success in 2017 we are already able to commit to offer another 15 - 20 places on the ‘Becoming Even Better’ programme in 2018.


We will need to maintain our focus on fundraising to allow our work to continue, and also continue to strengthen our relationships in Tanzania to ensure that we spend the money, which our donors have so generously given, wisely and effectively.


In the year ahead we will:


Increase awareness and establish social media presence

Redesign of website

Facebook and Instagram

Establish kit mule train

Establish partnership with Kendal Mountain Festival

Recruit 8 awardees

Fundraise amazon smile :-)


  • Seek to exceed last year’s fundraising total

  • Produce a leaflet for JT to share with clients of AWC climbing Kilimanjaro, aiming to raise awareness of our charity, and to attempt to increase the number of regular donors via the ‘Friends of R.O.B.’ scheme

  • Support and advise Ulrika Asp to organise another climb of Kilimanjaro for a minimum of ten people.

  • Identify and build new partnerships within Tanzania

  • Review and improve the success and effectiveness of the training we offer

  • Introduce two new awards:

    • Chakula Kitama (delicious food) - Mountain Cook Training

    • Chief Guides Award (to be chosen by chief guides working within the African Walking Company)

  • Sponsor a further 15 - 20 places on the ‘Becoming Even Better’ programme

  • Continue to develop our website and further streamline our administrative processes and grow our social networking presence


We are looking forward to a successful sixth year for our charity.